Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween from DISCOVER STAFFING

Sesame Street offers several tips to keep your trick or treaters safe:

  • Paint young children’s faces rather than letting them wear a mask so as not to obscure vision. If they do wear a mask secure it with bobby pins
  • Prevent tripping by not allowing kids to wear ill-fitting shoes, like mom’s high heels or dad’s boots
  • Have kids carry flashlights and add reflective stickers to their costumes
  • Go trick or treating with your kids under 15 years old
  • Older kids should stay in groups and only visit familiar neighborhoods
  • Teach kids not to eat candy before they get home and you and examine it. “If in doubt, throw it out”


    Halloween Movie Recommendations

    For those who get into the Halloween spirit, here is a list of 5 favorite movies for the season.
    1. Nightmare Before Christmas
    2. Shaun of the Dead
    3. Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
    4. Young Frankenstein
    5. Disney’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow